Benefits of Nude Yoga

Mind & Spirit

Doing yoga in the nude makes you face the real you. There are no clothes to hide behind and that’s usually the moment when most people leave the outside world truly outside, concentrating only on themselves. There can be awkwardness and embarrassment at first, especially in cases of group practice. Shame is a social emotion. Just like timidity, pride, guilt, disgrace, and unworthiness, it’s caused by social interactions. By overcoming shame in the yoga studio, people make their first steps towards liberation from other complexes and fears imposed by their social life.


Just like any other type of yoga, naked yoga improves stamina and flexibility, helps to prevent and fight cardiovascular problems, hormonal fluctuations, depression, loss of bone density and many other ailments. However, there’s more than those obvious benefits, and the nudity aspect plays an essential part in achieving wellness. As we already mentioned above, nude yoga frees us from the social inhibitions and negative emotions that usually cause multiple diseases. By clearing our minds and souls, we also prevent a long list of psychosomatic diseases.


Self-esteem is also a huge factor to Naked Yoga, and it’s important to outline the effects of naked yoga on this side of human personality. Doing naked yoga in a group setting really breaks boundaries: even the mere fact that there are no branded outfits highlights the equality of people and makes them less intimidated by each other. Fears and inhibitions get replaced by self-acceptance, compassion, confidence and sensuality. The practitioners learn to appreciate their bodies, which gives a huge boost to their self-esteem and changes the way they interact with other people – freely, positively and affably.

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